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“Hey! Just what are THUNDERKEVS then?”

Good question kiddo!

The THUNDERKEVS are KEV’S Rescue Crew, a tip, top secret team who help wherever help is needed. Hidden away on a secret island base the Crew are always ready for action.

What’s there
to do then?

Why not take a trip to KEV’S ISLAND? It wont take long to get there. Or you could visit CleverKev in his lab, but don’t mess with any of his things! And you should keep your eyes open,  there are baddies about like Daft Seth or those nasty GiotziPol...


KEV’S Rescue Crew is made up of mutant, hybrid humans called “Kinetic Evolved Variants” or “Kev’s” for short. Each Kev has something special that makes them different from everybody else.

Like AquaKev who is half boy, half tuna sandwich. Because of this he can swim very fast.

CleverKev’s brain grew so big his ears popped off

the side of his head! But he’s very, very smart.

Kevin is part cat so has fast reflexes, and his human side really, really likes cake!

But the THUNDERKEVS aren’t the only Kev’s out in the world. There are some stranger, more amazing Kev’s that we just haven’t seen yet...

Thunder Rabbits

Emergency! Emergency! Emergency!