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England Times - Special Edition
Everyone is talking about these mysterious vehicles the newspapers have nicknamed “The Thunder Kevs.”

But just who are they and where do they come from? Are they aliens from another planet or a secret government organisation?

So far all we know about them is what has been seen when they blast into action when a disaster strikes.

In this Special Edition of the Times we have put together all we know on the Thunder Kevs, together with a few of the photographs that have been taken of their remarkable craft.

Scout ship?

This saucer shaped craft seems to arrive first on the scene. We think the pilot is the scout for the Thunder Kevs, sees just what is happening then radios back to base saying what equipment in needed. Where that base is we just don’t know. This Thunder Kev flies so fast nobody has been able to follow!

When the warship U.S.S. Bungler hit a rock and started to sink this vessel was spotted coming to the rescue.
More Thunder Kev vehicles arrived to help with the rescue so the sub must be one of them.


Experts at NASA first noticed this dart shaped craft flying out into space months ago. It went to roughly the same orbit as the space station above. Is this the Thunder Kev supply ship?
Secret Space Station?

On the last space 
shuttle flight the 
astronauts took a 
photo of this mysterious object orbiting the Earth. Could it be a Thunder Kev Space Station monitoring our planet...?